At North Sound Nannies we connect families with professional and quality caretakers. We are committed to recognizing the priorities and individual needs of both families and nannies to achieve effective collaborations and lasting partnerships. North Sound Nannies is based in Everett, WA and is currently serving families in Snohomish County and surrounding areas. 


I'm Stefani. I've been a career nanny for 10 years in the greater Seattle area. Because of my experience in the child care field, I am often asked if I am taking on new families or if I know of anyone who is. I have started North Sound Nannies with the hope that I can help families find care they trust and nannies to find jobs they can thrive in. My passion for kids and my extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of nannying has equipped me with the skills to find top notch nannies and connect them with your family. 


"Stefani is an absolute professional.  We employed Stefani for two years, and she was beloved by my two small children and our family.  She is a creative, attentive, education-driven nanny with a glowing track record and many great connections in the community.  Stefani has experience working with many family dynamics and childcare challenges, so she knows what it takes to adapt and thrive in different situations.  This is what makes her uniquely qualified to assess and place childcare professionals.  She knows what to look for in a nanny to match to a family's unique needs.  Through her local connections, she can create a childcare match that works for both the family and the nanny to create a mutually beneficial employment situation, with the child's needs as the focus.  I would trust Stefani's judgement in placing a nanny with my children, and look forward to utilizing North Sound Nannies in the future."   -Gina I.


"Stefani has been with my family for five years.  When she began we had three children and she remained when we added a fourth.  She has seen our family through many transitions and configurations of the structure of our household.  Regardless of the complicated, ever changing schedule I always know that Stefani’s unique ability to organize, problem solve and implement a plan will save the day!  In addition to her capability in a hectic situation, she handles all that with kindness and humor.  I have learned so much from her in the time she has been with our family.  I am so delighted she is taking this next step.  She is a natural at connecting with people of all ages and has all the skills necessary to fit a family with a great nanny.  She is forever a part of our family and I know she will be able to find a great fit for yours." -Caitlein R.